Life in a Connected World Understand what you are sharing, learn 
how you can control it, and be empowered to 
find the answers you need
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Understanding what you’re sharing, knowing how you can control it and being empowered to find the answers you need are critical to having a successful connected experience. And while Facebook offers a range of tools to help you do just that, we also want to help you understand what other resources are available to help you improve your connected life – not just your Facebook experience.


What is data?

When we talk about personal data, we mean all of the information that you share in order to participate in today’s connected world. It includes things like your name, email address, phone number, where you live, and the sites and apps you visit and use.

How is it shared?

Data is shared when you use the Internet or take different actions. For example, when you register for a website, use a store loyalty card, watch your favorite TV show or like a Page on Facebook you’re sharing data.

Why does it matter?

When you understand what you’re sharing, who you’re sharing with, and how the data is and isn’t being used, you’re in a better position to make choices about what data about yourself you’re willing to share.

Take control

How can I control what I share?

There are tools designed to help you better understand when you share and what you’re sharing, as well as resources to help explain how different kinds of data is collected and used.

What choices do I have?

Most services collect at least some data about you based on how you use them. When you use Facebook, we give you lots of choices about what kind of information you share when you do use the service.

How can I get more info?

Be proactive by reviewing privacy policies and other content for the services and sites you use. They’ll be detailed about the data they’re collecting, so you can make informed choices.

Be empowered

Who protects me?

Around the world, different laws and regulations govern data collection and sharing, like the Data Protection Commissioner of Ireland (for Facebook outside the US and Canada) or the Austrian Data Protection Commissioner, for companies and organizations headquartered in Austria.

What should I ask?

Remember, it’s your data. Don’t be afraid to ask things like what’s being collected, how will it be used, who will see it and where to get more info.

Where can I get help?

A number of organizations are dedicated to empowering you to take control of your information – use them and tell your friends and family about them.